Keep Out



  • Keep Out
  • 51cm x 38cm
  • © Fred Kennett 2021

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"As a pen and Ink artist myself I am stunned by Fred's skill and dexterity. He takes no short-cuts, every brick, slate and cobblestone has been worked with such fine detail and care, but never overworked, clumsy, or boring. 'Pen &Ink drawing' does no justice to the size, skill, and quality of Fred's art. Sizes at A2, with his own blends of coloured inks, make these not just drawings. Fred has pushed the boundaries of this medium to a higher form and has created a new level called 'Pen & Ink Paintings'. Fred's Membership to the Royal Academy this year is truly justified and deserved. I am honoured to own his work. "

Mike- Tenerife